The American dream seen by foreign citizen’s eyes


It is the dream of every man to live in a free and democratic country, to be respected like everyone else, to live happy in a quiet place,to be able to find work and to keep his family, to educate his children in the best schools in the world … breathe the air of this country and to live the American dream. But it is completely true ???
American mentality, in my opinion , is too much dependend on legal and policy system. Dont get me wrong, I am not an anarchist, I respect the law , but not to cross the limit of my mental Independence. It looks that for everything absurd you need to sue anyone. One man, sued plastic coffee glasses company because they didnt wrote on glasses that brings out heat …? Sir, it is normal that plastic … would transmit heat. Dont be so stupid !!! If the cleaning lady of one restaurant is washing the floor and has not put Warning table, you might be sued for attempted murder … Sir, she is not Cinderella, she is the cleaning lady and if you doesnt be careful,  you can glide. But this does not mean to blame the restaurant or water … you have to blame yourself for being such a stupid. Did you know that in second or third grade , children in America learn what kind of food does dog eat and what doesnt … while in Albania, a small and the poor country in Europe, children learn the tissues of leaves and photosynthesis. Then you have the politicians dependency. You believe in every word they say, just like they had done brain wash to you. As the Nazis used to experiment with people to be persuaded with their shit. You are afraid of your shadow, cos its the only way they have to control you, using as guinea pigs  to support everything they want to do. They put fear in your hearts and me you belive that everyone is against you, making you hate ” enemies ” and approve the war for peace … How strange phrase ‘war for peace’ … looks like catchphrase of the 2nd World War. In this case it would be more appropriate war for money. However every country in the world, as everyone , tries to be rich for the benefit of himself and family. Despite this, America remains a country to be taken as an example and a purpose for everyone. It is the ideal place to live, respecting the law but not walking blindly. Seek answers and try to reason requiring explanation is neither a sin nor outlawed. Our is a right that no government has given us but God did.
Live the American dream but not keeping eyes closed

raili 2015


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